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       Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy your visit to my world and return often. Stay and browse awhile but before you leave, drop a note in the box in the Guest Book or e-mail me at my e-mail address and let me know what you think. Also, turn up your volume so you can hear the music, French jigs, etc. that I have attached to some of the pages. I now have a new web hosting company for my websites and a new URL or domain name atgerrys.com where this site and all my other sites reside.

     I have included pages on genealogy where I have displayed pages of my family tree which principally include the French Canadian names of Guay and Bouffard and go back to the 14th century France. Some of my aunts and uncles wrote short stories about their childhood in early 1900's Canada and Fall River, Massachusetts and in the future, as I continue to expand on this web page,  I will try to describe recollections of my childhood days in 1940's and 50's Fall River, Massachusetts. I still have to finish my "Trip to Quebec" which is still under construction.

     If you're my cousin or friend from those early days, maybe this site will trigger some fond memories of the fun times growing up as part of as large family with many children, walking the streets of Fall River, cruising the drag in the Rock & Roll fifties. If you're the children of my cousins and friends, you might get a little better insight of what your parents encountered growing up in a mill town in Southeastern Mass. These are our roots and a part of all of us.


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• Photo Gallery • My Family Tree • My Favorite Sites • Extra Notes, etc. • Your Feedback • Trip to Quebec •